i’m addicted

to taste
to touch
to feel
get addicted
to the good
to love
it feels so good
high above
to be loved
to feel loved
just to love
get addicted
in the joy
this ecstasy
pure and simple
i can’t believe
i’m addicted

no more

i’m done
no more
too much pain
too many tears
too much to deal
too many hurts
i don’t want
no more drama
the simple life
with simple things
simple friends
simple loves
no more
of the pain
of the tears
of the hurt
no more drama
not in my life
i’m done
put it all away
move on to better
no more drama
in my life

together again

soon we’ll be
together again
in this place
no separation
no pain
all will be well
when life stands still
together again
i see you high above
looking down on me
still caring
and loving
from somewhere greater
together again
soon we’ll be


i long for
i’ve searched for
i’m beginning to see
you make me happy
make me smile
when i think of you
you are everything

i’ve waited for so long
to find this
to be truly happy
with everything
to feel loved
and just to love
you came along
you are everything

mad man

there’s a mad man in my brain
he’s chasing after me
he screams and cries out
the chase never ends
it’s a constant battle
to gain control
usually it is won
sometimes though
it is lost
once the battle is lost
it becomes another struggle
to gain control
the mad man never gives up
he is relentless
he is pursuant
he’s always following me
i can’t shake him off
sometimes i sit still
i think maybe he’ll leave
but he doesn’t
he stays and stares
his stare pounds my brain
his stare drives me insane
his stare….
the stare of the mad man


the solemnity of the rain
the tranquility of the night
the peace
it’s comforting
it’s enjoyable
the pitter-patter of the drops
calms every nerve
suspends all harmful thoughts
i become lost in the calm
it consumes me
it happened
the flashes
the sounds
the lights
the bangs
the calm is gone
the solemnity is dissipated
the tranquility is no more


things are so twisted
life is so twisted
people are so twisted
twisted in the head
the world is confused
society is confused
people are confused
confused in the brain

the jumper

you look up
what’s that
it can’t be
a person
on the ledge
the jumper
why’s he there
what’s so bad
life’s not that bad
life gets better
surely it does
what’s so wrong
that you feel this way
tell me
i want to know
i want to help
tell me what’s wrong

go on, tell me
always here for you
you know i’ll listen

there’s no reason to jump
can you
put the past away
i’m here to help
cause maybe someday
i’ll be
the jumper

do something

people of the world today
are so slacked
they want this and that
but they don’t want to do it
they want it given to them
on a silver platter
served to their lips
people of the world today
need to wake up
they need to just
do something
do anything
not just nothing
if you want something
then for gods sake
do something