go or go ahead

for so long now

these feelings have existed

they have tormented

the need to be loved

to feel loved

the simplest of desires

the basic of needs

i feel as though

i’ve said so much

without saying anything at all

actions should speak so loud

yet they haven’t

you say i had my chance

and maybe i did

i don’t know

maybe i’m crazy

that was then, this is now

but i thought you never gave up hope

so many years of hope

maybe i should now

just go or go ahead

move on and away

i’ve carried these thoughts for a while now

maybe the vision is clear

i should realize the truth

but the truth is so hard

so just go

or go ahead

the poet

i long

for the words
to express

the poet

that is i

have not come

so easily

as of late

the thoughts

just don’t think

the poet

does not

the poetry

for the long road home

the long road ahead
many miles already gone
once a life of dread
for the long ride home

looking back at the movies

the movies of my life
i see the pain and tears
the long road of strife

and through the past

i’ve grown so strong

i look to the future
of a life so long

i stop for a glance

before it’s all gone
one last look at life

for the long ride home