rocks are hard
time is short
klans are bad
alabamas the best
nines a number
dimes are coins
bugles are loud
candy is good
bugs are quiet
babies do smell
eggs are small
snails are slow
trains are large
fans are fanatic
rhymes are interesting
iambic is odd
evolution is true
numbers are huge
doors are nice
stannium is tin
friends are forever
oranges are sweet
red is red
evening is dark
velocity is math
evergreens are sticky
roses are pretty

black and white

christmas is a happy time
the cheer and joy of the season
the snow looks like a bleached white
it’s as bright as can be
nothing can spoil the season
everything as perfect as can be
jack frost nips at some ones nose
as water trickles off melting icesicles
the day ends early
the air becomes cool
night sets in
the sky turns black
black as can be black
it’s as though nature is
telling someone something
something of sorrow and grief
pain and torment
destruction and death
the season represents life
why must death invade
it sucks the happiness out
grief becomes the inevitable
the white snow turns to black slush
the cool breezes turn to harsh winds
everything changes
everything becomes as different as can be
as different as black and white

in the eye

the calm has come
the eye is here
it’s not always
been this way
let me explain
it used to be
i was just a
face in the crowd
and rumors
started to fly
things began to happen
why i didn’t know
i wondered though
why’d it happen to me
of all people
all of it drove
me to the end
yes it’s what
you think
i didn’t do it
i don’t know why
my dad made
it worse
he didn’t care though
he kicked me out
and i thought
about it again
still didn’t do it
still don’t know why
what really pushed
me though
was a friend
who did
what his
problems were
i don’t know
his death
gave me life
in a way
i’ve met new
people who really
do care
to them thanks
they know who
they are
now i’m back
to normal
as normal as
could be
in the eye
of the storm


still it occurs today
unless you talk about it
i can’t help
cause it bothers teens
in indescribable ways
death of the ultimate form
endless ending


where is my place in this world
i wish i knew
life has been so hard for me
no one wants me around
i’m the joke
the jester if you please
my friends turn me away
make fun of me
yeah what friends they are
it’s hard with no one to talk to
no one there for me
when i need a shoulder to lean on
i end up falling like a dead tree
where’s a place
a place for me

a friend once gone

a friend once gone
has returned
in my past he
tortured and tormented
laughed and joked
he returned in a better way
he has met the
almighty up above
he is a changed man
he is caring yet forgiving
i try to find it in my heart
the guts to forgive and forget
but after what he caused
what says he won’t do it again
the pain and torment
led to the unthinkable
death of the ultimate form
a knife in my hand
as i broke down in tears
why’d it have to happen
i still don’t know
i just thank god i’m still here

a friend once gone
has returned
he is a changed man
living a changed life
he is one of the best
friends a man could ask for
i thank god he’s one of mine
i’ve never had a friend
better than him
has anyone

is there a problem


there’s an indifference in this world
but why is that so
we’re all of the heart, soul, and mind


prejudice is in this country
that can’t be so
we’re all equal in god’s mind


ignorance is a common thing
everyone knows it
but why is that so


racism is an explicit thing
why is that we’re all of one race
the human race


sometime’s it seems like
everyone’s a bigot
why is this so


violence is an ugly thing
the innocent struck dead
and the guilty run free


aids is not a funny thing nor
a white thing, black thing, or gay thing
it’s a human thing and this shouldn’t be so

if it’s over

if it’s over
i wanna know
if it’s over
tell me so

why must all good things come to an end
what we had was the best
yea sure there were good times and bad
but you always had to put it to the test

you were my one true love
my one and only sugar pie
you could be sweet as a peach and sour as a lemon
but you had rather me die

if it’s over
i wanna know
if it’s over
tell me so

come on girl please talk to me
i can change you know that’s true
please don’t leave me
although you’d never know

if it’s over
please tell me so


what’s wrong in this world
there’s war everywhere
an innocent man dies
and the guilty run free

what’s wrong in this country
there’s bigotry everywhere
an innocent man dies
and the guilty run free

what’s wrong in this state
there’s racism everywhere
an innocent man dies
and the guilty run free

what’s wrong in this town
there’s crime everywhere
an innocent man dies
and the guilty run free

what’s right in this house
there’s belief throughout
belief that the innocent man lives
and the guilty most certain will die