in the eye

the calm has come
the eye is here
it’s not always
been this way
let me explain
it used to be
i was just a
face in the crowd
and rumors
started to fly
things began to happen
why i didn’t know
i wondered though
why’d it happen to me
of all people
all of it drove
me to the end
yes it’s what
you think
i didn’t do it
i don’t know why
my dad made
it worse
he didn’t care though
he kicked me out
and i thought
about it again
still didn’t do it
still don’t know why
what really pushed
me though
was a friend
who did
what his
problems were
i don’t know
his death
gave me life
in a way
i’ve met new
people who really
do care
to them thanks
they know who
they are
now i’m back
to normal
as normal as
could be
in the eye
of the storm

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