stop fucking with me

why must the world be so cruel….

i don’t know
but i’m coming after
my enemies with a
stop fucking with me

friends come and go
some forget you
some fuck with you
he won’t leave me alone
the bitch taunts me
talks about me
he won’t go away
always one step behind me
looking over my shoulder
fucking with me
one day i will get the nerve
the stamina to tell him
stop fucking with me

self destruction

i’ve been put into
self destruct mode
why i don’t know
the days are counting down
coming to an end
when will it be
who knows
tomorrow maybe
god knows
it should’ve already happened
long ago
when i got kicked out
or when jacob died
or should i say
jacob self destructed
i just want someone to talk to
someone who’ll listen
i just want a friend
is that too much to ask for
in this world i guess so
back to the old ways
the thoughts again
maybe kurt is my hero
maybe i’ll join him
i can self destruct too you know
at anytime

victim of the game

you’re living your game
no one’s any different
when you’re in the game
it treats everyone the same
because you’re a
victim of the game

no matter where you are
no matter what you do
no one can escape
the torment and pain
the struggles of life
you’re a victim of the game

whether you’re white or black
young or old
lively or depressed
you’ll never get away
the game never ends
you’re always a victim of the game

there’s no way to fight it
you can never escape the pain
it doesn’t matter who you are
everyone’s treated the same
if you have a heart
you’re a victim of the game