let’s get celebrating

life frustrating
not updating
days blazing
thoughts gnawing
pains ailing
razors scraping
ropes knotting
pills mixing

i was hating
not updating
life so frustrating
did some waiting
here now sitting
lets get celebrating

cages or wings

open up your eyes
to a new world
start a new life
break free from the past
forget all the strife
and know that it won’t last

only in your minds eye
can you begin to see
step up from the stages
you’ve been living in
away from the cages
and everywhere you’ve been

cages or wings
which do you prefer
ask the bird

only in your minds eye
can you begin to see
take a leap flying
you can conceive
on a new wing
you just simply believe

cages or wings
which do you prefer
ask the bird

the white lady

a tumultuous affair began years ago
the white lady was simple
yet so very addictive
she drew me into her world
from the very first time
it was an affair i’d never experienced

i continued the affair without hesitation
the white lady took over my life
she told me what to do
she told me how to act
my friends no longer knew me
it was an affair i’d never give up on

life became a numb, mindless event
the white lady would not let me go
further into her world of destruction
i could not stop myself from going
her grip was too tight to leave
it was an affair that’d take my life

a powder like snow
the white lady

sad boy

the feeling inside
of this sad boy
the act he puts on
the constant show
he’s forgotten the truth
for his world of deceiving

he’s just this sad boy
doing sad things
living his sad world
his escape are the powders
the whiteness of show
and the bourbon that burns

no one knows him
although everyone sees him
he’s on every street corner
in everyone’s view
just a sad boy
doing sad things


you don’t believe me
i tell you
it’s not your fault
it’s nothing you did
and nothing you said
i have my demons
the voices in my head

the tortures i bear
should come to no man

i try to put the voices away
but i can’t ignore them
they’ve become too loud
too demanding
too overwhelming
simply too much…

i can’t see the future
for the past
they won’t let me forget
i relive yesterday as today
tomorrow is just a cloud