a friend once gone

a friend once gone
has returned
in my past he
tortured and tormented
laughed and joked
he returned in a better way
he has met the
almighty up above
he is a changed man
he is caring yet forgiving
i try to find it in my heart
the guts to forgive and forget
but after what he caused
what says he won’t do it again
the pain and torment
led to the unthinkable
death of the ultimate form
a knife in my hand
as i broke down in tears
why’d it have to happen
i still don’t know
i just thank god i’m still here

a friend once gone
has returned
he is a changed man
living a changed life
he is one of the best
friends a man could ask for
i thank god he’s one of mine
i’ve never had a friend
better than him
has anyone

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