hanging on

i never liked my life
it’s never been an easy one
no one wanted to be my friend
my best friend was always myself
i wondered what i could do
i tried and tried
but nothing worked
what was wrong with me
i always wondered
i tried to hang on to everything
but i just wanted to let go
most people have parents
i have a parent
my dad resents me
i wondered why but i don’t know
he won’t talk or look
it’s his loss though not mine
when i think of him
i hate him so much
but yet people think i should still love him
why after what he did
i tried to hang on to the memories
but i just wanted to let go
when you find a best friend
you want to keep him forever
why can’t it happen this way
why do things change
especially for the worse
people would ask if something was wrong
but i would just say
why is life so hard
so hard to hang on to
i got tired of life
i wanted to let go
i decided to let go
i got so tired not long after
my head felt so weird
what was wrong
something was happening
but i don’t….

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