i don’t know

my past was a hard one
when i think of it
my mind is infuriated with anger but
i don’t know

one day a guy comes along
he seems as harmless as can be
i talk to him and get to know him but
i don’t know

we become friends not long after
for reasons beyond comprehension
we become friends for some reason
i don’t know

our lives they started changing
yes as things always will
hard times set in and anger became will
i don’t know

i started thinking of my past
why should i relive what’s already done
i became angry with everyone but
i don’t know

my mind starts racing
racing with thoughts
i wonder what’s happening but
i don’t know

our friendship has been proven
but will it last
i wonder and wonder but
i don’t know

one day i moved away
i wonder what may happen
i know we will always be friends oh yes
i do know

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