worst thing

meeting you is the worst thing for me
i could do without
i should do without
i don’t need someone to love
i have myself
that is all i need
i can make myself happy
i can feel joy
i can feel happiness
meeting you
makes me wonder
you seem so right
you so wrong
i love you so much
but i know you’re the worst thing for me
can’t get you out of my mind
thoughts always come back to you
to me
to us and what could be
what could be i sit and think
could i be happy
could you be the one
could i love you
could you love me
could it be
we’re meant to see
but i think you’re the worst thing for me
as much as i care and long
for you to be there
i can’t help but think
how it would be
without you in my life
what if i hadn’t met you
what if i didn’t see
that you’re the worst thing for me
i love you
to love me
to love you
and the future
what a view
it could be
even though
you’re the worst thing for me

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