Falling without end,
Nothing to save me,
Darker and darker…

I cry out for help,
Voices answer the call,
So many, yet so few…

Yelling to me in the void,
“Reach for me!” “Come to me!”
Where to turn? Who to trust?

Scarred by my past,
Afraid of being misled,
Terrified of the pain…

Like an abused and abandoned animal,
People try to help, not realizing why
This creature shies when they near.

I am looking for the answer,
But the darkness is thick
And everything is distorted.

I choose to fall alone,
Not wanting to drag others
Where this troubled soul is irrefutably plunging.

Maybe those who watch
Learn from my troubles
And avoid my fate.

Falling, falling, falling…
Out of sight, out of touch,
Out of the picture.

– Blake Shoemaker

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