Like a sprawling canvas
After an artist’s distinct touch
Stretches the sky.

A mosaic of all textures
Swirled round about,
A never-ending kaleidoscope of color…

The sun looks across the expanse,
Gleaming through the wispy clouds
Sending ribbons of radiance down upon us.

All the different splashes of color,
The dark clouds, the sunbeams, combining
To create a different masterpiece each day.

The same ingredients to work with day after day,
Yet no two skies ever look quite the same.
It is ever changing… A work in progress.

Sometimes I wonder if we should view our lives the same way…
Sometimes sunny, sometimes cloudy,
Always different with each sunrise.

Sometimes it seems as though the canvas is opaque,
Filled with the clouds of our trials and troubles.
And we can easily lose our way in the darkness…

We have to remember that the sun shines each day,
Even though we can’t see it sometimes, and the clouds
Help us see our lives in a different way.

We have to realize that every cloud
Gives way to sunshine in due time.
We just need to be patient and keep the sunglasses handy…

– Blake Shoemaker

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