In the far off distance of the
past where honor was the cause
and the effect was heart tearing,
I tried to understand my difference
in this world but I didn’t find
the understanding which I craved

I was like a hungry lion looking
for his prey, stalking it, pouncing
yet it got away. I hungered for
knowledge, yet I died of starvation
from lack of wisdom.

People told me to grab the world with
both hands or it will pass me by. I was
paralized to watch it decay. The
endless corruption, the violent and horrendous
acts of people. I treid to stop them
yet I was paralized only to pray.
I breathed their polluted emotions and
drank their intocixated blood, I didn’t
crave it, I had no choice, but to live,
to live in the pollution, the darness,
the family of my past. But I have

– Blake Rackley

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